How do I play this game? What is this game about?

WordBrain is a challenging word game with hundreds of levels for you to master. Each level is a puzzle where you try to find one or several specific words on a board of scrambled letters.

The game starts out easy, but quickly becomes more challenging. When a level has you stumped, use your collected Hints to reveal a letter in one of the words you’re looking for. You can earn free hints simply by completing level packs or sharing your progress on social media (Twitter) or by rating the game. It’s important to find the words and swipe the tiles in the right order, or you may not be able to solve the puzzle.

As you play the game, you will see that certain levels are difficult to get past. This might give you a feeling that there is a bug or the game isn't accepting the right word. However, that is not the case.

All the levels in the game are solvable. Solvability is thoroughly tested by two independently written robot solvers (exhaustive search programs) before every release to guarantee that every single level has a solution.

If you look at the top of the screen while playing a puzzle, you will see a number which is actually the count of people in the world who have solved this puzzle already.

The theme of WordBrain works on the following mechanics:
=> Solve the words in the order they appear under the grid.
=> Pay extra attention to which letters you choose to include in the words when there is more than one to choose from. This is very important! If you pick the wrong letter you might be in a dead-end, while the right one will make it possible to swipe the next word(s)!

If we put it another way, there is often more than one way to swipe a word. One of those swipes might make it possible to solve the next word and the word after that and so on. At the same time, an incorrect swipe of that same word might lead to problems and eventually you will be unable to swipe words as you play ahead. So, as the game progresses ahead and you reach difficult levels, you would need to try to foresee this and plan ahead to do good swipes.

So, as long as you:
1) Find the right words
2) Swipe them correctly,
you can get through a puzzle with ease.

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