"I am sure I am swiping the correct word but there is a bug in the level and it's not accepting my word."

Please note that the core idea of Wordbrain is to challenge your brain and think of as many possible alternatives with the letters available and try all of them in order to get through the puzzle. The first word that comes to your mind might be a valid word, but not the correct solution to the puzzle.

E.g. Ant Level 7, using the letters C, A, M, L, you can think of making the word 'CALM' but the correct answer is 'CLAM'.
Spider Level 3, using the letters P, O, S, T, you can think of making the word 'SPOT' or 'POST', but the correct answer is 'STOP'

As levels progress ahead, the puzzles get more and more difficult and interesting. At this point you would need to pay extra attention to what letters you may choose to include in the words when there is more than one to choose from. This is very important! If you pick the wrong letter you might be in a dead-end and have to start over, while the right one will make it possible to swipe the next word(s)!

If we put it another way, there is often more than one way to swipe a word. One of those swipes might make it possible to solve the next word and the word after that and so on. At the same time, an incorrect swipe of that same word might lead to problems and eventually you will be unable to swipe through as you play ahead. So, as the game progresses and you reach difficult levels, you would need to foresee and plan ahead some good swipes.

All the puzzles are solvable! Please give the puzzle another try and we are sure you will be able to solve it! If not, we are always there to help. You can contact us anytime and we will help you with your issues.

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