What are the different game modes?

*Moves and score:

You have limited moves (5, 10, 15 or 20). The mission can vary, get points, remove stones, remove jelly or gems. Keep in mind that sometimes these different game modes can be mixed together.

*Time trial:

In this mode you have to get a fixed amount of points in a fixed amount of time to complete the level.



In this game mode the important thing is to escape from the rising water by making words and advance further up the board. For each word you find you will advance further up the board. You complete the level by getting to the top of the board. If you find a word with at least 4 letters, you get a bonus tile. When you use that tile in a word you will jump up 4 rows. Water is rising, and when the board is filled with water, you lose. Keep in mind that you can swipe the letters even though they are under water.



When you find a word, those tiles will be removed and new tiles will appear from the top of the board. If you make a word with more than 4 characters you will get a bomb on a random non-specific tile. The bomb can explode vertical and horizontal, there is arrows on the bomb that points at what direction it will explode. This type of level can be mixed with all other types except Flood and Time, e.g get gems from the top of the board to the bottom by using the letters under the gems.

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